Indywood Billionaires Club

IBC strategy

To identify, Integrate and Improve Efficiency of the entire Indian Billionaires including the future ones.

Integration Tool - EFFISM
  • Target - To have 100,000 Members + 100,000Associate members( Upcoming Billionaires)
  • Total Chapters 200
  • Each Chapter to have Minimum 10 core promoters/Brand Ambassadors and 50 Members + 50Associate members( upcoming Billionaires).
Targets for Members
  • Improve Efficiency of own Company/staff by 10% every year
  • Plug the Foreign Money drain/ imports in the Company by 10% every year
  • Create 10% more job opportunity Every year in the Company
  • To develop one International quality Brand
  • Introduce Health Management System Among Staff and their Family

Indywood Billionaires Club – in a Nutshell

Indian Billionaire – An Individual with an Indian Origin holding Rs.1000 million asset or creating 1000 job opportunities

Our Key Targets
  • Identify 100,000 Indian Billionaires across the globe
  • Identify 2000 Indian Billionaires with passion in Movies who can build a Movie Theatre in their hometown as a gift to general public
  • To promote Make in India products and identify international market for export and earn foreign money
  • To identify 100,000 future Indian Billionaires
  • Work together to Improve the Efficiency of HR and Organization and provide EFFISM training to all members
  • Establish 200 chapters globally